Ways To Improve Posture When Sleeping

Woman sleeping

Sleep is important for every person. Good sleep will ensure that one is well rested, refreshed, is mentally alert to engage during the day. The posture and position that one sleeps is critical in ensuring that one is comfortable and will decrease the possibility of sleep interruption. Posture and position is important when sleeping because it will affect one’s waking life for instance ones physical and emotional well-being. Below are some ways that one can improve their posture when sleeping.

Improving Posture When Sleeping

Avoid sleeping on your stomachman sleeping

The best sleeping positions for posture are sleeping on one’s back or the side. One should avoid sleeping on the stomach. This is because this position will put a strain on the spine limiting it from being in a neutral position, which will result in pressure on the neck, back, joints and muscles. The strain may cause one to wake up at night due to discomfort, which causes interruption of one’s sleep. There are those who are more comfortable sleeping on their stomach, for them it is advisable that they place a pillow under their lower abdomen and pelvis.

Check on your mattress

Consider upgrading your mattress. Even though one may be using proper sleeping positions, and have a mattress that is not providing adequate support, one may still be damaging their back. After a couple of years, the specialist recommends seven most mattresses have become lumpy and soft and will not offer the kind of proper support that one needs and one will need to get a new one.

Have the good pillow

bed roomOne’s pillow and its usage will have a huge difference when it comes to sleeping position. There are basics of the pillow that one needs to use. The pillow should not be thick nor too soft. The pillow should be able to provide proper and enough support on the neck that it can remain in a neutral position while one is sleeping. The pillow should be kept underneath one’s neck and head and not under one’s shoulders.


As much as one is working on their sleep position, it is essential that they work on their daytime posture. Both your day and sleep position have to be proper, or it will be irrelevant. Walk, sit and stand with your head high and your shoulders back.