Understanding the different types of yoga retreats

Yoga session in beach

Yoga retreats are a good way of vacationing and getting away from the busy lifestyle. In many cases, yoga retreats are located away from the city, in areas where the environment has not been corrupted by modern way of living. This is because the main essence of yoga is to take people back to the basics and way of living. On pilates retreat, you get the time to heal your body, mind, and soul using yoga. Yoga has various benefits on the body, and this is why there are different types of yoga offered in retreats.

Types of yoga

Yoga vacation or holidaydoing yoga in beach

Just like any other holiday, a yoga holiday is laid back and doesn’t follow any routine. Most of the yoga holidays are located in resorts that offer different amenities. In a yoga vacation, yoga is just one of the activities, and it is done once a day. You can spend the rest of the day doing other activities in the resort.

Yoga fun adventure

This is yoga from the adventurous and daring type of people. It is a very active type that involves a lot of activities and sweating. The yoga is hosted in an area that will encourage adventurous and daring activities like hiking and mountain climbing. For the adrenaline junkies, they can get a chance for ziplining and other daring activities as part of the yoga.

Musical Yoga

This is yoga that involves a lot of music and dancing activities. Unlike other yoga activities, this one is set indoors and has hotel accommodation. In this type of yoga, there is usually the instructor who leads the group in dancing and other musical activities. This is all about relocation and also fun activities for those who don’t like the outdoors.

Yoga Immersyoga sessionion

This is the real yoga retreat because it involves yoga as the main activity in the holiday. Yoga immersion is for people who take it as a lifestyle and even a religion. Learners will learn the different types of yoga, chatting and other activities that are involved in the practice. There are usually two sessions, and each session is usually led by an instructor.