The Importance Of  The Harmonics Meditation

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Music is a language of the soul with no boundaries. Music is a language of the soul. Studies have revealed how music and meditation go hand in hand for most human beings. Music has a way of unleashing untapped energy. Music has a way of taking a human soul to the greater height of meditation and enabling them to get to a very high level of consciousness that may not be achieved without music. Amazingly when meditating and music is in the background you are at a position of focusing and having clarity of sharper vision as compared to no music.

Connection between music and meditation;


Our body has many nerves which ae always sending signals and messages in the system all the time. The nervous system is in charge of our physical, mental and emotional well-being. One way of stimulating the nerves is through music. Music vibrations can release cell blockages by stimulating somatic cells. Negative emotions like pain, bitterness, anger, traumatic exposures, and fear are released from the body’s subconscious with homophonic and harmonic music when the music is made the right way. With proper use of homophonic and harmonic music during meditation you eventually have a deeper understanding of one’s stress and learn of how to release the pressure into the air. Solfeggio is a six-note scale (ancient)which is similar to today’s seven not and is known for its appropriate healing properties.


With harmonic and homophonic music the overall system responds to the frequency of sound and the effects of vibrations. Harmonic music has several oscillators. The oscillators could be a human chant, a bowed violin string or in some cases when you pluck the guitar. The sounds that the guitar, violin or some person produces are always pleasing to one’s senses. The naked ear can easily hear the sounds.


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Binaural sounds or Homophonic sounds are as relaxing as the harmonically induced sounds as we hear over the speakers and the headphones.  For increased effectiveness of the use of music while meditating professional encourage the use of headphones or earphones. Using headphones or earphones also promotes awareness of the music that you are listening. Unlike modern music which we listen to pure entertainment harmonic and homophonic music used for meditation has unique sounds (stand alone), these are sounds that are combined with flutes, light instruments, stringed instruments, singing bowls, and bells. The sounds create light and powerful vibrations to excite the body’s reaction, and the incidences form inside the body.